Thank You, Anu and Shruti!

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to Anu Dangol, our country director for the past six years. Anu resigned from his position recently to pursue other avenues in his career. We wish him and his family all the best. We are grateful for his service in leading the programs.
Anu took over soon after the 2015 earthquake and has been instrumental in the development of the Volunteer Corps programs over the last six years. This coming month we will welcome our 9th Volunteer Corps program here in Nepal. Kathmandu has become one of our pillar volunteer sites. Anu also oversaw the creation of the Chaimale and Biratnagar programs. He is leaving HOPEww Nepal in great shape, and we are very thankful.
Please join us in prayer as we have advertised his position. We are looking for a worthy candidate.
Shruti Magar has been vice-principal of the school for the last couple of years. She herself is a former student of the school. She is leaving her position to pursue a Masters’ degree. We are so proud of our former students. We wish Shruti all the best for a bright future. We are now advertising her position also. Thank you, Shruti for your love and dedication to the students.

Meet Rabina!

Rabina Tamang is 15. She graduated from the Asha Vidyashram school (HOPEww Kathmandu school). As she was a very bright student, she received a scholarship to study in one of the top private secondary schools in Kathmandu, thanks to the generosity of our donors. Her parents migrated from their native village in search of a better life in Kathmandu. They both work as labourers. The family of five live in one small room.
When the HOPEww staff first reached out to the family, the three children (who were young at the time) were also working as construction laborers along with their parents. The HOPEww staff convinced Rabina’s parents to send the children to our school. As often happens, Rabina turned out to be gifted. She has worked diligently and has excelled in her secondary school. In recent exams, she placed second in her whole school. Her parents have high hopes for their daughter and we are all very proud of Rabina.

HOPEww Nepal Programs Back in Action After COVID19!

COVID19 hit the country of Nepal very hard. For a year and a half, classes had to be conducted online, which was very challenging in a country where people do not have easy access to computers. We are very thankful to our staff, especially our teachers and vocational training instructors, who tirelessly kept up with the students and continued teaching them. Most students in the country missed out on a lot of schooling and have seen their education delayed, but amazingly our HOPEww students have not missed a beat!
In the village of Chaimale, our computer students have resumed their classes in person. They walk long distances up and down the mountains to learn IT skills, an invaluable asset in the job market. Over 60 students come every day in five batches, some very early in the morning, and the rest in the late afterno
HOPEww Nepal has partnered with a local secondary school, Shree Krishna School, as their students did not have access to adequate computer classes. These youngsters learn IT skills from our center, and the majority of their students excelled in their state level examinations.

If you would like to volunteer or contribute to the programs of HOPEww Nepal, please email hopeww.kathmandu@gmail.com
If you would like to donate:
US citizens: https://hopeww.kindful.com/?campaign=275470)
UK citizenshttps://www.hopeworldwide.org.uk/give/ (In the drop down menu choose Kathmandu School or Women’s Empowerment Nepal)
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 01205030120565

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