Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision
1. To provide free quality education to underprivileged students
2. To provide community based services to needy people
3. To provide vocational training

4. To carry out arts and sports Programs

The definition of “Education” is the development of character and mental powers; it is a process by which a person begins to learn how to learn. It is not merely a transmission of knowledge, but it is the development of thought and creativity in an individual. In fact, education is the right of every human being.

Asha Vidhyashram is a school where children can obtain that right. Parents of underprivileged children are unable to send them to any other school. This school was established in 1996 as a pre-school with only 30 non-school going children. However this humble beginning of HOPE worldwide Nepal has seen a continuous growth of beneficiaries and fields of activities. By 2005, the number of students increased to 89 moving to primary education. At present, it has increased the number of students and beneficiaries to 500 with eight staff members. We run the classes from Nursery to class Five. Rather than aspiring to great numbers or a huge size, we constantly work towards quality education and train our students to face the challenges of the 21st century

Practical Computer Education
1. Free computer education to all the school students which includes primary section. No fee is charged to any school student.
2. Students will be trained on Basics, MS DOS, MS office, photoshop e.t.c
3. The school staff will receive training simultaneously; thus resulting in development of institutional capacity.
4. Free computer learning will result in increase in new student enrollment and improvement in school attendance.
5. This centre will build confidence and create opportunities for school students to study further and increase individual’s earning capacity.