Vocational Training Centre

One of the biggest challenges that Nepal faces even today after the country has made significant progress, is employment generation. While it is challenge for all young people seeking jobs, it is certainly more difficult for the youth coming from the marginalised sections. Most boys and girls from the economically weaker sections of the society manage to study up to the higher secondary level; some of them above average if not brilliant. However despite being good in studies and having a strong desire to study further, they get restrained primarily due to the family’s economic conditions. Pressed with economic necessities, some or all usually take up menial unprofessional and non-progressive jobs on daily wages. But this invariably has a negative effect on their moral and mental states; moreover Education loses its importance and value in the perceptions of these young boys and girls, who would be the future of the country.

The Vocational Training Centre  Programme is an employability programme for the underprivileged youth living in rural areas. It is  crucial that the young energy of the country be channelized correctly in economic growth and nation building. VTC programme is thus an initiative that aims at creating a pool of young and independent people, from the marginalized section, through skill enhancement in tandem with market requirements. It is an effort towards bridging the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower in the fast emerging services and retail sectors of modern Nepal. The programme mainly provides training in English proficiency and basic computers. Counselling on career and soft skills are the other aspects that the course also focuses on. And the computer education of the course is based on the lines of the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Programme. There are currently three VTC programme centres across 2 cities in the country. More than 100+ students have been employed in organizations like finances, E-commerce companies.