HYC 2017

HYC 2017

HYC volunteers served in the school for more than a week. We had all our classes repainted. They renovated floors and plastered the walls which were cracked. They also repaired the broken drainage system of our school. We also had all the benches coloured with different colours. They also sealed all the ceilings of library, kitchen, and store room in order to stop rats spoiling our things. They also donated  books and toys for the school. They also bought us Table Tennis board.

These volunteers brought along with them  some chocolates, gifts and clothes, which all the children  were very happy and delighted to receive. Thanks to all the volunteers who decided to give the children a reason to smile and enjoy their week. It was a wonderful  treat for the students. A treat which they would cherish, Since most of their parents struggle to even to feed them with basic meals. What is normal for most is “extra-ordinary” for these children.

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