Testimony from the December trip:“This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!” Casey Hokanson, a medical student from Minneapolis.“The people of Nepal are so incredibly resilient, joyful, generous, loving, gentle, hard-working, and kind! They are rich in areas we are poor in, and we have so much to learn from them!The trip was full of service opportunities in the school, homes, church, retirement community, village, and more! Each and every member of the volunteer team was incredible. I am so glad I was able to live life with them for two weeks! There are many amazing men and women who live and breathe service- running the school, the HOPEww center, the church, the retirement community, and all the other programs and institutions that support so many people in Nepal! I am confident that the programs will continue to thrive and impact countless lives!The students at the HOPEww Asha Vidyashram School are some of the most amazing kids I have ever met! They are so caring, so thoughtful, and so fun! The future of Nepal is bright! These kids are going to change the world…”

COVID Update and VaccinationsSadly Omicron has shut our school to in-person teaching again. Our teachers will continue teaching the students online until this wave passes.The good news is that our students who are 12 and above have received their vaccination. We are very excited about that!

Subash Chaudhry is former student of the HOPEww school. Subhash, like all of our students, comes from a materially very poor family. When he was a young child, his parents could not afford to send him to school. Education is not free in Nepal. When his parents found out about the Asha (“asha” means “hope”) school, they approached us with great expectations. Subash was enrolled in the nursery class in 1996. Subash was a bright and hardworking student. After finishing 5th grade, he received a scholarship to a good private school. He worked hard and completed his bachelor’s degree in management . He also served at the school for a few months as an volunteer. He then got an opportunity to work in Japan. His family is now well-off and happy, free from the burden of severe poverty.. Subash is so grateful to HOPEww and says, “I want to thank HOPEww for providing me such a strong foundation. I will forever be grateful to HOPEww.”

If you would like to volunteer or contribute to the programs of HOPEww Nepal, please email hopeww.kathmandu@gmail.co

US citizens: https://hopeww.kindful.com/?campaign=275470)UK citizens: https://www.hopeworldwide.org.uk/give/ (In the drop down menu choose Kathmandu School or Women’s Empowerment Nepal)ALL OTHERS :BANK NAME: NEPAL INVESTMENT BANK LIMITED
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 01205030120565

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