Relief Distribution – Mahadevsthan, Sindhuli Maadi

Relief Distribution – Mahadevsthan, Sindhuli Maadi

When we have started our journey to distribute relief material to Sindhuli, Mahadevsthan, we didn’t know that we need to drive 175 KMs. long ways to reach the destination. It is a settlement of 151 household, almost 600 people of unprivileged group. Their main occupation is fishing. When we saw that, they were eagerly waiting for us with joy, we forgot our tiredness of long drive to up & down hill. Even though they themselves are in need they have prepared dinner for us & managed place for us to sleep. We really appreciate their kind & hospitable heart.

Our team has really enjoyed the trip even though the weather was not in our favor, we have faced heavy rain & storm while coming back. Two of our team members were compelled to stay back on the way due to their vehicle breakage. But rest of our other team member reached valley safely at 4 AM.

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